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Refocusing our Prayer Lives

Refocusing our Prayer Lives

As the new year approaches, many people will make resolutions and re-commitments. The most common resolutions are usually around our physical health and finances. While it is important to be good stewards over those facets of our lives, the disciples of our spiritual lives are what we should be focusing on the most.

As hesitant as we are to admit it, our prayer lives sometimes shrink and get left behind in the busyness of life. What a great time to encourage one another (and especially ourselves) to refocus our lives with God in prayer.

This week’s sermon, Refocusing our Prayer Lives, looks at three specific ways to improve your prayer life from 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12. A better understanding of prayer as described in the Bible can drastically improve our prayer lives today. Use this sermon to enter 2015 equipped to pray as we are called to pray.

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