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The Greatness of the Smallest

The Greatness of the Smallest

Being a Christian is literally the greatest thing anybody can ever dream to be.  It is not being wealthy, famous, or attractive. But in all honesty, it is easy to confuse these positions and be tricked by the desires of the world.

Jesus said that even the least in the Kingdom of God is greater than the greatest man who ever lived (Luke 7:28). It is one thing to hear that declared, but quite another to really understand just why it is true.

In the sermon below, the text of Luke 7:24-28 is explored to see that Jesus is infinitely better than our measly expectations of greatness and what that means for each and every Christian.

Robb Brunansky - February 15, 2015

The Greatness of the Smallest (Luke 7:24-28)

The Gospel of Luke

Jesus isn’t the Messiah the people were expecting; He’s infinitely better!

From Series: "The Gospel of Luke"

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