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SERMON: SCOTUS Has Ruled; God’s Word Still Stands

SERMON: SCOTUS Has Ruled; God’s Word Still Stands

The Supreme Court ruling last Friday has been on nearly everyone’s mind around the clock since it was announced. It was a landmark ruling in which the leaders of our nation shook their fist at God in defiance of His law and created order, blasphemously desecrated the rainbow, His sign of divine promise, and sought to normalize sexual perversion. Christians everywhere have been angry, grieved, and even scared of what this might portend for the future. How should we respond as Christians? What do we do now, living in this new reality in our nation?

In this week’s sermon, we address these questions from Psalm 1 – The Path to Divine Blessing. The reality is that the path to true happiness and blessing cannot be found in the lies of the world, even when those lies come from the highest court in the United States. The path to true blessing only comes through obedience to God’s Word. Such obedience is only possible when we turn from our sins and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for our salvation.

Listen to this week’s sermon and be encouraged.

Note: Due to a technical problem, sermon video is not available this week. We apologize for the inconvenience. The sermon audio is still available.