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Zechariah: The Promise of Forgiveness

Zechariah: The Promise of Forgiveness

Robb Brunansky - August 21, 2016

Zechariah: The Promise of Forgiveness

Pastor Robb brings to us a sermon from the book Minor Prophet Zechariah. Today's message: The Promise of Forgiveness.

From Series: "The Minor Prophets"

An expositional survey through the Minor Prophets.

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One of the most powerful words in the English language is the word “forgiveness.”  This word spoken from one human to another can bring resolution to conflict, restoration to a relationship, and peace to a fellowship. This could not be more true when forgiveness comes from the Creator.  When we are forgiven by God there is nothing more powerful and life-changing. Do you have a reluctance in accepting God’s forgiveness?  Are you still holding on to sins that God has already forgiven? There is hope and peace that is found in God’s forgiveness. As Pastor Robb continues his sermon series through the books of the Minor Prophets, we get to hear how Zechariah brings the words of hope and power of God’s forgiveness.