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Who Can Be Saved? (Luke 18:21-27)

Who Can Be Saved? (Luke 18:21-27)

Robb Brunansky - October 15, 2017

Who Can Be Saved? (Luke 18:23-27)

From Series: "The Gospel of Luke"

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We are told to share the gospel with all unsaved people, Yet, some of the most challenging people to share the gospel with, are those who think they are good. Most of us know such a person. They are people who help feed the homeless. Those who volunteer in at the hospital. There are even those who have jobs that help people. They don’t need to hear about Christ’s work because they have done good enough work to ensure they are going to heaven. Have you spoken to such people? Have you shared the gospel with someone who claims they have done enough to earn their place in heaven? As you listen to this morning’s sermon by Pastor Robb, please learn how to explain the importance of abandoning the existing life of worldliness for Christ. It is not enough to add Jesus to our lives; we must turn from our worldly existence and turn our lives over to Him.  We have to decide which to us is more valuable, the world or Christ.  We can’t have them both.