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Jesus is the Fulfillment (John 19:28-30)

Jesus is the Fulfillment (John 19:28-30)

Kevin Barrett - March 11, 2018

Jesus is the Fulfillment (John 19:28-30)

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Jesus gave His life willingly. No one took it from Him. Not Herod, Not Pontius Pilate, not the Roman soldiers or the Jewish Leaders. Jesus was and is the Perfect Passover Lamb. He endured the mocking voices, the beating, and the scourging. He endured the crown of thorns and hours on the Cross and through it all, He remained the Good Teacher. His greatest lesson to us was His last words spoken from the Cross that is recorded in John. In Greek it is one word; in English three. In Greek, it is “tetelestai” in English “It is finished.” The Dying King understood that these were the last moments of His earthly life, He has completed His task of becoming the final Passover lamb. While all sacrificial lambs were temporary, it was Jesus, the Perfect Lamb that gave full propitiation from the guilt and penalty of our sins. How could so few words give such significance and power? As you listen to this morning’s sermon by Pastor Kevin, please hear how the King of Creation became the fulfillment of Prophecy and Promise. We should never neglect to spread the good news and never take Jesus sacrifice for granted.