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Wisdom for Speech, Part 2 (Selected Proverbs)

Wisdom for Speech, Part 2 (Selected Proverbs)

Robb Brunansky - July 15, 2018

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Does your speech most often help, heal or hurt people? We all say things that we regret. But, some of us do it more often that we should. We don’t think about the things we say before we say it. We don’t consider people’s feelings before speaking about what we consider to be the truth. We simply unleash our words at the sacrifice to wisdom. But, this is not glorifying to the Lord nor is in edifying to the body of Christ. When we speak, we ought to do so with the thought of glorifying not ourselves or being right, we do so to bring honor and glory to Christ and our Heavenly Father. This week’s sermon by Pastor Robb gives us godly examples of how we are to speak not through our flesh, but the Holy Spirit that lives within us. Through this teaching, we can understand that our speech ought to always reflect wisdom from God.