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The Passover’s Fulfillment (Luke 22:14-18)

The Passover’s Fulfillment (Luke 22:14-18)

Robb Brunansky - September 9, 2018

The Passover's Fulfillment (Luke 22:14-18)

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We now come to a critical time in the history of the world. But, unlike some historical events, this event would change the world in ways incomprehensible. This historical event has caused many questions, many arguments, and even some bloodshed. The historical event has been called the Last Supper. As one person put it, “He (Jesus) was eager to teach them from that meal the most wonderful truths ever revealed. That meal would be transformed forever. Its celebration would become an acted parable of his life and death. Jesus’ heart traveled beyond the sorrow and death to a reunion with them in lavish festal joy.” Enjoy this morning’s sermon by Pastor Robb and understand how this Passover meal is of the utmost importance to our understanding of our salvation in Christ Jesus.