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Understanding the Lord’s Supper, Part 4 (Luke 22:19-20)

Understanding the Lord’s Supper, Part 4 (Luke 22:19-20)

Robb Brunansky - October 18, 2015

How (Not) to Respond When People Reject Jesus (Luke 9:51-56)

The Gospel of Luke

When we fail to understand the mercy Jesus has shown us, we fail to extend mercy to others. Jesus' great mercy toward us is shown in three key ways. Listen to learn more.


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How often  do we consider what Jesus has done for us?  I am sure during times of prayer or when listening to certain situations we are often thankful of Jesus’ sacrificial death and miraculous resurrection.  When speaking with other believers, we probably often praise God for the gift of our salvation made possible only because of the atoning work of Christ.  When sharing the gospel with the lost, we most likely expound on the love Christ shows us by hanging on the old rugged cross for our sins.  But, do we realize what Christ has done for us when we are sitting before the Lord’s Table?  Do we consider Christ’s sacrifice for the propitiation of our sins before we take the bread and the cup?  As you listen to this morning’s sermon by Pastor Robb, please hear how the bread and the cup represent what Christ has done for us.  Let us worship at the Lord’s table.