Desert Hills Evangelical Free Church in Phoenix, Arizona
Sundays: 10:30am - 3636 W. Greenway Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85053   


  • May 27 – Sunday Worship

    By on May 24, 2018

    “How deep the Father’s love for us, how vast beyond all measure, that He should give His only Son...

  • April 29 Sunday Worship

    By on April 24, 2018

    Hallelujah! Praise to the one whose blood has pardoned me! Revelation 19:1 “After these things I heard something like...

  • April 1 Sunday Worship

    By on March 27, 2018

    Christ the Lord is Risen today, Alleluia! Matthew 28:6 – ” He is not here, for He has risen,...

  • Biblical Church Leadership: Elder, Part 3 (1 Timothy 3:1-7)

    By on January 31, 2018

    . Pastor Robb continues his sermon series on Church leadership. This evenings sermon he explains the unique qualification of...

  • The Work of the Spirit: Effectual Calling and Regeneration

    By on July 11, 2017

    Most of us do not realize that the Holy Spirit has one of the most important duties in our...

  • April 5 Sunday Worship

    By on March 31, 2015

    This Sunday is Easter Sunday and communion Sunday. What a privilege we have this year to come together, take...

  • When Less Is More

    By on February 9, 2015

    John the Baptist was a great man. Jesus said that of all men born of woman, John was the...

  • Keeping God the Center of our Worship

    By on January 30, 2015

    With the Superbowl weekend approaching, there has been a lot of talk about football and idolatry. This discussion should...

  • December 28 Sunday Worship

    By on December 23, 2014

    This next Sunday is the last Sunday of 2014. I hope that you enjoy the playlist for this next Sunday!...

  • Thanksgiving Message

    By on November 26, 2014

    Thanksgiving today is a mostly secular holiday centered around food and shopping deals. But did you know the Christian...