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  • Why Worry? How to Attack Anxiety and Win, Part 1

    By on September 12, 2016

    Things happen throughout our lives that cause us to worry.  It may be a personal or national tragedy, a...

  • A Warning Against Greed

    By on September 5, 2016

    We live in a country that is driven by attaining wealth.  We hear about people striking it rich on...

  • Zechariah: The Promise of Forgiveness

    By on August 23, 2016

    One of the most powerful words in the English language is the word “forgiveness.”  This word spoken from one human to...

  • Elements of Effective Exposition: Clarity

    By on February 18, 2016

    Last week we began to look at the four Cs of expository preaching by focusing on conviction. This week I want...

  • Elements of Effective Exposition: Conviction

    By on February 9, 2016

    What makes for powerful expository preaching that upholds the truth of God’s Word, builds Christ’s church, and by the...

  • 5 Minutes of Bible Exposition

    By on August 12, 2015

    Desert Hills has started a new podcast ministry called 5 Minutes of Bible Exposition. This podcast contains a 5-minute...